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Review: Wall Street Titan By Anna Zaires


A billionaire is looking for the perfect woman.

Marcus Carelli, who is now thirty-five years old, has everything: power, wealth, and a physique that makes women feel breathless. He is a self-made billionaire and runs one of Wall Street’s largest hedge funds. He can take down the most powerful companies in a matter of seconds. Only thing missing? The only thing missing is a wife who is just as successful as her billions.

Crazy cat looking for a date

Emma Walsh, a twenty-six year-old bookkeeper, has been told that she is a cat freak. Although she doesn’t agree with the statement, it is hard to dispute the facts. Are your clothes soiled with cat hair? Correct. Current professional haircut? It was more than a year ago. And three cats living in a tiny Brooklyn studio? It is true.

He can’t remember if he’s had a date since then. There is a solution. Aren’t these exactly the purposes of dating sites?

An example of identity confusion

Matchmaker for the elite, a dating app that makes everything better… Attractive people may be attracted, but will they last?

About” Wall Street Titan”

The Titan of Wall Street, Anna Zaires’ romance novel, is a New York Times bestseller. I’d never read any of these books before, but I must say I wasn’t disappointed.

Emma Walsh is a young girl who works in an unexciting bookstore. Her life is a combination of working and spending time at home with her cats and occasional visits with her friend.

Marcus is on the other side. Marcus is a billionaire who works for a hedge fund. It could be described a Greek god, a magnet for women.

Their lives may be completely opposite, but they meet on a blind date. Marcus is in desperate need of a stable partner and hires his Celestina to help him find the ideal woman.

Marcus is astonished to see Emma Wash, a little redhead. Although he couldn’t imagine such a woman, he becomes obsessed with her.

The Titan of Wall Street is a cliché, but it’s also incredibly addictive. It’s the story of a millionaire and a girl from lower middle class where love rules.

Although I enjoyed the characters, they were not memorable. Emma sometimes seemed too heavy for me. His manner of being reminded me of an older lady and a little girl. Marcus was not able to match her devotion to her cats. Their mania to pay their share for every meal or lunch becomes annoying.

“I feel like Mark & I could really get along.”

Marcus, on the other hand is the average guy you’d find in any book. Marcus may look a little like Christian Gray, but without the sadistic side. The book shows Emma’s tendency to work hard and get the things she wants (which is Emma in this instance).

Damn, I think about her again.

Anna Zaires’ pen was a great choice. His fluid and creative writing made the pages go by so quickly that I almost forgot about it. The book felt a little more friendly than Fifty Shades of Gray, it must be said. It is still a great book.

The Titan of Wall Street, a simple and easy-to-read book, is highly addictive. These books are usually read in conjunction with heavier books, such as mystery or adventure, or books that promote personal growth. It’s like a break between dense books.

This book was a great read. It may not be the most romantic, but it gave me an enjoyable time.

Would you recommend this book to others? If you are looking for a fast, romantic, and addictive read, then this book is for you. Yes. If you’re looking for something more special, I recommend books like A two metres from you or It ends at us.


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