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Review: Throne of Glass - Throne Of Glass 1 - By Sarah J. Maas


The heart of ice. A will of steel. We introduce you to a killer. Meet Celaena Sardothien. Beautiful. Beautiful. Destined to greatness. An eighteen-year old girl is currently serving a life sentence in the Endovier salt mines. Although she is an expert assassin and the best at what she does, she made a fatal error. They have taken her. Young Captain Westfall offers him freedom in return for a great sacrifice. Celaena will represent the prince in a tournament that ends in death. She must battle the most dangerous thieves and murderers in the kingdom. Celaena is free, alive or dead. You are about to discover what your true destiny is, regardless of whether you win or lose. What will happen to her murderous soul in the interim?

About:”Throne of Glass”

Sarah J. Maas is the great fantasy writer who wrote Throne of Glass. I remember reading a similar saga months ago and loving it. After seeing the book advertised on numerous sites, I decided that it was worth reading. It was a favorite series, so I read the synopsis and realized that it was very good.

The story of Celaena is told in Throne of Glass. She is just eighteen years old and the most fearsome assassin in Adarlan. She is sentenced to life in Endovier mines where she was beaten, taunted, and whipped after being betrayed. She accepts the offer of Captain Westfall, the captain in the royal guard, to give her freedom in return for taking part in a contest to be the king’s champion. He will need to serve him for at least four years before he can be released.

He had fallen into the abyss. I could only hope that there was a net at bottom.

Every duke, king, and person in power will be the representative for each competitor who decides to become the champion king. So, Celaena meets Dorian the prince and his representative.

To become the champion of the King, the girl will need to fight other thieves and murderers. It will be returned to Endovier’s mines, where it won’t be able to live another year. Each person will be eliminated from the test. The winner, also known as the King’s Champion, will be announced. He will then be responsible for the hard work.

I found the Throne of Glass book to be amazing. Sarah J. Maas’ work is something I could not have hoped for.

I found the characters to be amazing.

Celaena, despite everything she’s been through, is brave, smart and cheerful. His age surprised me, and the ease with which he can immobilize and even kill someone. His ability to adapt throughout history and his passion for all things impressed me.

Dorian scars are common among us all. My scars are visible more than others.

We also have Dorian, the prince and Captain Westfall, both male characters. If I had to pick one, the second would be my head.

Prince Dorian was sweet and pleasant. However, he also seemed to be a womanizer, not to mention cunning.

He said, quietly, “I’m not married because I can’t bear to think of marrying someone inferior to me in spirit and mind.” It would be the end of my soul.

Captain Westfall is mysterious, however. At first glance, he is serious, brave, and intelligent. As the story progressed, and they spent more time together you could see that his barriers were being lowered. He became warmer and more smiley as she got to know him better.

Other secondary characters were also present, such as Princess Nehemia who was very mysterious but with whom I have been able to empathize.

Sarah J. Maas’ pen is amazing. His writing style manages to grab the attention of the reader and keep them hooked till the end. I felt that dialogues, descriptions, and scenes were well-planned so that they didn’t overwhelm the reader.

Fantasy stories are often a lot of fun, and Throne Of Glass is addictive for all that happens. The story starts strong. It focuses a lot on the murderer and focuses more on her abilities. It was difficult to see the typical scenes of a murderer, but it got more complex as the plot developed.

The story combined romance and suspense was something I loved. I also found a love-hate relationship with some characters through the creation of a love triangle.

Although the plot of Throne of Glass is not the most original, it was very entertaining. There are a few twists and turns, but they are not as surprising as I expected. It’s also not predictable. I was surprised by some things in the end, but it isn’t enough to make your head explode.

It is true that the book kept me hooked for 3 days. After having read The Cruel Prince, I was disappointed. I found this book easy, fun, and full of action.

This book is the first in the Throne of Glass saga. To find out the rest of the story, you’ll need to read the next books.

It was a great story with lots of action, mystery, and romance. I’ve also read negative reviews on Goodreads. All of this is subjective. But I hope that you will give it a try and let me know what you think.


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