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Review: The Cruel Prince By Holly Black


Jude was seven years when her parents were assassinated. She was then transferred, with her two sisters to the dangerous High Court of Faerie Kingdom. Jude, who is a mere mortal ten years later, wants to feel at home there. Many of the people hate humans. Prince Cardan, the youngest son and most wicked of the High King, is one such person. Jude must confront Cardan in order to gain access to the court. Face the consequences. She will become entangled in the palace’s deceptions and intrigues as well as discover her own bloodlust. Jude will have to put her life at risk to save her sisters and the kingdom from civil war that threatens the Faerie Courts.

About”The Cruel Prince”

Holly Black’s book, The Cruel Prince, is set in a wonderful world. Although he wasn’t sure what he was talking about, he knew that he was very popular. It was something I kept seeing on Instagram, so my curiosity led me to read it.

It is not available in Epub format in Spanish, I must say. It is not available in Epub format. I was able to download The cruel prince in English and the Spanish translation by The cruel prince fans.

The story of Jude is told by the cruel prince. She was seven years old when her parents were murdered. Her sisters and her mother were brought to the Supreme Court of the Faerie Kingdom. It’s a magical world with many inhabitants who have different looks from humans. They have pointed ears and hair in a variety of colors.

Jude, a mortal girl, lives with Taryn her twin sister, and her parents’ murderer. He is also the father of her sister Vivienne. Because she is a fairy because of the blood of her father, who is magic, and her mother, who’s mortal, she is also a fairy.

Everybody hates Jude and Taryn because humans are used only in their world as servants. They are however far more than that as they are the “daughters”, (stepdaughters), of the supreme general.

Prince Cardan is a boy who attends the same school as Jude. He isn’t a nice boy. He hates the twins, Jude especially, and challenges them repeatedly, regardless of the consequences.

Jude longs to be a knight protecting the King. Jude has been training all his life in this world in order to be a part of the Court.

She hopes that her sister will find a boy she can marry and live a peaceful life away from the dangers of the world, like her.

His life is becoming more and more emotional as he is given a very important task. The crown of the king is at risk, and she will ensure that the kingdom doesn’t fall.

Here is my opinion.

I was a bit disappointed by the cruel prince. Although I don’t mean to say that it’s a terrible book, it is far from it. However, after reading so many positive reviews, I expected more.

Jude is one side. She is a strong, independent girl who is proud of her accomplishments despite all that she has been through. She is bold, despite living in a world where everyone is better than her. His style of being was something I loved.

“If you hurt my feelings, I won’t cry.” “I would also hurt you.

Cardan has not been surprising to me. He is rebellious like Jude. He uses his position as a prince and does what he wants, while also shaming the rest of the inhabitants. Although I wasn’t convinced of his character, I was not entirely dissatisfied. He could be described as a mixture of a “bad boy”, and a prince without responsibilities.

“I hate him so bad that I sometimes can’t breathe when I look at his face.”

Much of the plot revolves around secondary characters, such as Jude’s twin brother. Taryn is Taryn’s opposite. They could be described as being like oil and water. One seeks out trouble while the other seeks calm and peace.

It is a well-told story that is engaging and well-written. But, I felt lost. I didn’t find the goal of the plot until the very end. The story didn’t feel complete until halfway through.

It has kept me hooked, if I am honest. The author managed to connect the facts so that the reader is hooked until the very end. One thing that really surprised me was how everything turned 180 degrees at the end, which made my head explode.

The Cruel Prince’s first book does not contain any romantic scenes between the characters. Although I would like to see more romance between the characters, the author left it for the next volumes of the trilogy.

I’ve always enjoyed the fantasy genre. Although this book isn’t the best, it was enjoyable. The Cruel Prince is entertaining and fantasy novices will be amazed by it.


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