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Review: It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover


Occasionally, the one who loves you is also the one who hurts you most.

Lily didn’t always have it easy but she has not stopped working hard to achieve the life that she dreams of. From the small Maine town where she was born, she has made a lot of progress. She graduated college, moved to Boston and started her own company. When Lily meets Ryle Kincaid (a beautiful neurosurgeon), everything suddenly seems too good to be true. Ryle is assertive and stubborn. He can even be a bit arrogant. Ryle is sensitive, bright and has a soft spot for Lily. However, Ryle’s complete dislike of relationships is disturbing. As she is overwhelmed by questions about her new relationship, thoughts turn to Atlas Corrigan, her first love and a link back to her past.

He was her friend, her protector. Everything Lily built with Ryle was threatened when Atlas suddenly returns.

About” It Ends With Us”

It ends with us is an exceptional book that has been voted the #1 Colleen Hoover book (I am one of them).

Let’s start by talking about this book. It is not only complex, but it is also very special to me. I want to share everything I feel.

It ends with us, but it starts with Lily at her father’s funeral. She was not close to him, and her attitude at that time made her need to seek a better place for her thoughts. He ends up on top of the highest building in the area and meets Ryle Kincaid. Ryle is a neurosurgeon who loves to work in his field.

Their moods are not great at the moment, but they can still exchange a few words. They openly share with one another situations they have experienced and didn’t tell anyone else.

“There are no bad people. All people can do bad things sometimes.

Although their lives don’t cross again for months, Lily and Ryle meet after a long period of time at the same place Lily bought to start her business.

As their relationship develops, Ryle begins to feel a deep love for Lily. She has an aversion to relationships and is forced to reevaluate her relationship with Ryle. Lily also begins to go through her diary from when she was a teenager. There, she recounts the story of her first love, Atlas Corrigan. He was a boy that became an important person to her.

Atlas appears suddenly, turning Lily’s emotions upside-down. Ryle’s entire life is now at risk.

When I first read the synopsis for It ends with Us, I was expecting a romance, intense book and very little else. It ends with us was only available in English so I decided to take advantage of it and start reading it. As is the case with Colleen, I discovered something completely different. It is this book that has helped me overcome it. His works are often amazing, but it ends with us is without doubt the best.

The protagonist is the main character in the love story. It is written in first person, which makes it more relatable to the characters, particularly Lily. This is a crucial aspect of the novel, which the author has accomplished in a fascinating manner.

The characters are well-defined and show a gradual evolution throughout the book. Ryle and Lily’s pasts were difficult and they have had to overcome a lot to get to where they are today.

Lily is strong and has a big heart. His ability to achieve what he set out to do, and his love for the people he loves are beyond the norm. But I’ve also seen that he has self-esteem. This is something that many people lack. He knows when to say enough, even if it hurts.

Ryle is a different person. Ryle has Lily-like characteristics, like being ambitious and wanting the best. He isn’t as fond of building relationships than Lily.

You can see Ryle’s changes in his emotions and feelings as their relationship develops. Ryle’s way of loving people can be very protective and obsessive. However, it is not impossible to love him in some way.

The story of Atlas, Lily and their love is lovely and has a tragic background that adds to the drama. Atlas’ life has been heartbreaking for me, and I feel very sorry for him. Atlas, if Ryle was a favorite, is at a higher level. I want to learn more about his life and experiences throughout the book. This guy is impossible to dislike. His love for Lily feels so real and pure that you get goose bumps.

It’s a well-written story. The twists and turns are so unexpected that it makes the story very addictive.

This book was a pleasure to read, but it has also been a painful experience. Although the story is easy to follow, it’s addictive. However, I felt a strong desire to kill the protagonist. But I can understand how love can sometimes lead to hurtful things.

You don’t have to stop loving someone just because they hurt you. It’s not the actions of a person that are most hurtful. It is love. It is love.

The plot gets more interesting as the story goes on. But then something happens that changes everything 180 degrees, forcing you to rethink everything. It was that moment that left me speechless. I had to reread the book twice to see that all that was happening was true.

Fifteen seconds. This is all that’s needed to change everything about someone. Fiveteen.

It is amazing to see the way the writer writes, the feelings she has about it, and the plot. The book is so compelling that you can’t even describe the feeling you get when you take on the role of the main character. You can’t even describe the way he lives his life and his thoughts. She is a great friend of mine. Very few women can act in such a way.

When I read the note from the author, the feeling the writer gives the pages made perfect sense. It made my hair stand on ends. It is because I see that anyone can experience this story. This makes me question if I really feel feelings.

Although there are many humorous parts, others that are more loving, and endless feelings, I won’t lie and say it’s a sad and harsh story.

Colleen Hoover’s words have left an impression on me. Sometimes I had to stop reading in order to reflect and put myself in the shoes of the protagonist. I asked myself: Would I do that in her position?

Each case is a different world. The book’s case is well-written and explains why it is done. This allows readers to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists so they can feel the same.

“Nobody is good or bad. Some people are forced to do more to suppress the bad.

Another lesson It ends with me has taught me was empathy. It is the fact that people can talk a lot, but they don’t always know the person. It helps us to not judge too quickly and to slow down before we speak and hurt the person in front. It is easy to talk, but not easy to act.

It ends with us is my number one favorite book. Colleen Hoover could not have written a better book. This book is the only one that made me feel so many emotions, and there won’t be another.


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