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Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin - A Court of Thorns and Roses 3 - By Sarah J. Maas


Feyre is back at the Spring Court, determined to expose Tamlin’s tricks and uncover the reasons the king threatened Prythian. To do this, she must play the dangerous game of deceit… one mistake could spell doom for her and her entire world. Feyre must make a decision about who to trust as the war is approaching.

“About A Court of Wings and Ruin”

A Court of Wings and Ruin, the third book in the ACOTAR series, is the final. This book tells the story of Feyre’s fight against Hybern and his time at the spring court.

I must say, despite the 700 pages, not much has been done. Sarah J. Maas has, as I’ve said in other reviews a magic pen. His books transport me to a completely different world through his narratives.

Feyre’s development throughout the story has been remarkable. A Court of Wings and Ruin is the story of a strong and courageous protagonist who will do anything for her family. Her strong personality is what I love. She refuses to be considered inferior to anyone, and treats everyone equally.

Rhysand has made me fall in love with him more than I did in A Court of Mist and Fury. He is the ideal male literary character. He is the perfect male literary character in every way.

“I wish that I could spend more time with you… just the two of us.”

A court of ruin and wings has felt to me like a book with more energy than the others. The action is what dominates, not the romance, although that is also true. The plot focuses on the war and stopping Hybern from conquering the entire world.

There are many things that happen in the book and every twist leaves me speechless. There’s a lot of salsa among high lords, and even though it might not seem so, there are some funny parts. Each character has a story that is both difficult and beautiful. Particularly Azriel and Mor’s relationship. After everything was explained, I felt lightened, but it was very painful. Although the last pages are filled with tension, they are my favorite. The last chapters are the most memorable. There are beautiful scenes that make one want to weep, but they also have some very moving scenes. Nearly had a heart attack at the end of this book. Just saying.

It is amazing that such a talented author can create such beautiful works of art. This is a saga that has quickly become a favorite fantasy story. It will remain on my list for a long time.

He left me feeling empty at the end of this book. This book is one of those books that leaves you feeling lost and unsure about your future. It has been a book that has shaped me. The sacrifices made for a better world are reflected in the court of ruin and wings. This book is a source of hope. It reminds us that dreamers are capable of giving all for our dreams, and that we may be one of them.

“For the stars who listen and the dreams that become reality.”

Would I recommend A Court of Wings and Ruin to you? Thank you. This book is the perfect way to end the main story with dignity. Sarah J. Maas plans on continuing to release books about secondary characters.


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