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Hey, Bill Stapleton here and welcome to my book review blog.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. By trade, I’m a rocket engineer with a great fondness for reading.

I consider myself a compulsive reader, I have not finished a book yet when I am already thinking of ten more. I learn from each book, in addition to making me travel with my imagination.

I read a bit of everything, although I have my preferences: contemporary thrillers and novels.

Obsessed with nonfiction motivational books in particular such as books by Tim Ferris (Author of 4 Hour Work Week), Malcolm Gladwell (Author of 84 books including The Tipping Point), Stephen R. Covey and Max Lucado.

Nonfiction favorites include: HG Wells, Thomas Hardy, the Harry Potter series and Desmond Bagley thrillers.

In this blog I will be reviewing nonfiction and fiction alike. I sure hope you enjoy what I bring.

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